Poetry Day 5 – Imperfect


He has the Third Eye.

An extra flap of skin
distorts his vision.
Took him months to jump
upon the window sill, used
the Chalet wall to guide him
to his meals.
Ignored by his Queen Momma,
he’s become a surrogate to others.
You know, the adoring bachelor Uncle
glad for the company.
Delighted to pass along his skills.

He’s the first to hear the four kits’ wails.
Stands guard as they explore.
Feigns fear when they attack.
Twists his tail as bait.
Even, grooms them too.
And in late afternoon, when Momma cat naps,
he’ll watch the four tumble in twos,
nibble sibling ears, necks, and legs,
then flop in exhaustion.
Later, he too will stretch out
while the kits knead for space.

Third Eye or not,
he’s a proud Uncle Cat.
Learning as he goes
thanks to four wee cats.


About lineatatime

Dublin born and raised, Mari returned to Ireland with her husband and daughter in 2008, after living in the USA since the early ’80s. A former journalist, ombudsman and newsroom administrator she now lives in Mayo. Following the death of her mother by elder abuse in 2010, she often writes about the failures of Irish systems in protecting her mother and also herself as a victim of crimes in her mother’s estate. She writes frequently about oppression, elder abuse and domestic violence– in the forms of poetry, fiction and non fiction in the hopes it will help shine the light on Ireland’s shame.
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