Mayo Musings 2017



We took a walk along Lough Mask,

the cats and I. As we do. Where they

played in the golden dry grasses. Sneak

attacks as they tried hide and seek.

Out on the lough the swans snacked

on the lake bed while the fish leapt

high snacking on fly or gnat. Upon leaving

two swans flew overhead, honking as wings

swept above the water top.






About lineatatime

Dublin born and raised, Mari returned to Ireland with her husband and daughter in 2008, after living in the USA since the early ’80s. A former journalist, ombudsman and newsroom administrator she now lives in Mayo. Following the death of her mother by elder abuse in 2010, she often writes about the failures of Irish systems in protecting her mother and also herself as a victim of crimes in her mother’s estate. She writes frequently about oppression, elder abuse and domestic violence– in the forms of poetry, fiction and non fiction in the hopes it will help shine the light on Ireland’s shame.
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2 Responses to Mayo Musings 2017

  1. What a tranquil, pastoral poem, Mari! I love the ideas of going walking with cats. Taryn takes our house cat out into the garden but she has to be on a harness as we’re right by a road and she’s no idea about traffic 😞 Mind you she lies down on the floor by the front door to let her know she wants her to put it on. 😄


  2. Mari Maxwell says:

    aw thanks Marion.It’s a dead end which helpsl Love the sounds of Taryn taking yours out! 🙂 These guys get so close to the water too, I’m thinking they might try swimming when the water’s warmer. 🙂 🙂

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