Seven Years On

Seven Years On                                                        

We writers unburden ourselves to get to that place –

the vein of plenty.

But the daffodil still stands and the gorse continues to bloom

coconut on the air.

And the wind she howls,

the hailstones plip and plop.

The rushes dance and the wind revs up, shaking the bald

trees afrenzy.

Then a hush.

Blue sky.

Gentle trickle of Lough Mask and the birds come out to play.

The wind across the lough, fish shoals and the sway of the


Trickles by the lakeside, rhythmic.

The glug and gulp through the bored limestone.

Lake music and the valley of waves seeking land.

Ruts and gulley, troughs, and I’m thinking how much it soothes me Mom.

The land and rocks pounded and caressed over the decades to soft.

These spring agitator waves and foam bring you home to me.



Mother’s Day 2017

All day I waited.

No call.

No email.

No message.

And I was thinking

Mother’s Day was like

your birthday –                                                                                         

you didn’t want to celebrate.

Mark it.

Then after 4pm pictures of

cherry blossoms, tulips and bluebells.

Eleven daffodils tied in blue.

You’d been strolling in sunny Dublin.

You placed those daffs for me.

For your mother and my mother.

One for each of her children.

Daughter, it’s a Mother’s Day I’ll never forget.


About lineatatime

Dublin born and raised, Mari returned to Ireland with her husband and daughter in 2008, after living in the USA since the early ’80s. A former journalist, ombudsman and newsroom administrator she now lives in Mayo. Following the death of her mother by elder abuse in 2010, she often writes about the failures of Irish systems in protecting her mother and also herself as a victim of crimes in her mother’s estate. She writes frequently about oppression, elder abuse and domestic violence– in the forms of poetry, fiction and non fiction in the hopes it will help shine the light on Ireland’s shame.
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4 Responses to Seven Years On

  1. Hunter K. Smith says:

    Wow what fabulous poetry and writings above Mari and beautiful pictures to accompany the words.

    • lineatatime says:

      oh thanks so very much Karen. Blushing here. 🙂 🙂 Since all systems fail and continue to do so here I have to write it out. Stay well. 🙂 Thanks again.

  2. I cannot convey into words Mari, how much ALL of your writing and photos inspire me. Truly Heaven. Your musings take me to other worlds and re-wire my brain. Thank you. Hunter K. Smith

    • lineatatime says:

      Aw thanks. I use those walks, pics and other adventures to feed the auld pencil and paper. Always a book and pen in hand. Thank you for reading and glad you’re enjoying them. 🙂 Massive congrats again on your publication day!! GO YOU!!!

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