Dolores Maxwell

Remembering Dolores Maxwell

April 24, 1930 – Nov. 28, 2010

Today’s sky blushes awake.

The turlough lies still.

A soft November drizzle circles the turlough.

Life Mom.

It goes on.

And I have learned that evil and good

are always there.


They travel my path,

as they did yours.

Some, they feed the monsters.

And when it came to you,

protecting the vulnerable, well…

they fed evil.

Stoked and stroked it.

Your son.

Your solicitors.



and more….. so many more.

And I will never be the same again Mom.

So today, seven years on from your death by

elder abuse,

I take comfort in the calm waters,

the white swans dozing, feeding and

gliding by.

My last kiss upon your head.

Your white hair shedding in my fingertips.

Your smile wide.

At peace Mom.