Favourite Quotes






“Human beings are not born
once and for all on the day
their mothers give birth to them, but…
life obliges them over and over again
to give birth to themselves.”
– Gabriel García Márquez







“Art should comfort the disturbed

and disturb the comfortable. Putting

out a story automatically brings those

demons to light.”

– D.B. Pierre, novelist




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[Tall Ship Phoenix taken at Seafest Galway July 2016]



“Write what inspires you. What heals and mends the broken pieces you’ve hidden away. Write from that place within your soul that refuses to be quieted. The voice that won’t be silenced. Listen and surrender. Write because your spirit won’t accept a “no.” Write with abandon. But above all, write because your curiosity and hunger for life is greater than your fears.”

  • – The Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness





“I can shake off everything as I write,
my sorrows disappear,
my courage is reborn.”
– Anne Frank




“The things that you need to write about don’t go away.” – Claire Keegan


“And by the way,

everything in life is

writable about if you

have the outgoing guts

to do it, and the

imagination to improvise.

The worst enemy to

creativity is self doubt.” 

– Sylvia Plath