Mari is Dublin born and raised. She returned to Ireland with her husband and daughter in 2008, after living in the USA since the early ’80s. A former journalist, ombudsman and newsroom administrator she now lives in Mayo. Following the death of her mother by elder abuse in 2010, she often writes about the failures of Irish systems in protecting her mother and also herself as a victim of crimes in her mother’s estate. She writes frequently about oppression, elder abuse and domestic violence– in the forms of poetry, fiction and non fiction in the hopes it will help shine the light on Ireland’s shame.


Her writing also features in:

  • Bosom Pals, Doire Press, 2017. Featuring eight women with Galway connections, Marie Cadden, Marrion Cox, Mary Hanlon, Susan Lindsay, Mary Madec, Mari Maxwell, Robyn Rowland and Lorna Shaughnessy.
  • Veils, Halos & Shackles: International Poetry on the Oppression and Empowerment of Women, Kasva Press (Israel) April 2016.
  • All Ages Poetry Anthology: Short Poems Ain’t Got Nobody To Love, 2016
  • A New Ulster 42: International Women’s Day Issue, March 2016
  • Crannóg 49, 40 and 31
  • HaikuJ
  • Indian Kukai#8
  • The Incubator
  • The Galway Review
  • Macabre Maine
  • The Ogham Stone, University of Limerick
  • In Tallaght.ie
  • Brasilia Review
  • Breast Cancer Writing Project, University Hospital Galway Breast Research Facility
  • Poetry24
  • A New Ulster 11
  • Boyne Berries 17 & 10
  • The Bray Arts Journal 2018
  • The First Cut
  • Clare Champion
  • Daily Bites of Flesh 2011: 365 Days of Horrifying Flash Fiction
  • Barbie Bazaar
  • Coping magazine
  • Soul Vomit Anthology
  • Beyond the Diaper Bag anthology
  • http://www.dolores-maxwell.com
  • Literature of Breast Cancer, Segue, Miami University-Middletown, USA


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  1. Love the blog name Mari , says it all!

  2. Rachel beat me to it, Mari. 😊

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